on the cover
Fashion fatale: Aubrey Nickels, photographed by Seth Someone, wears black mesh hose by Eklias. Black cotton T by Martins. Watch by Diesel. Dangerous Doll: Tangential Ocean Moisturizing Foundation, Rose Cheek Colour on eyes, New Black Eye Pencil. All Capitol Liner Cosmetics.


Portrait Newcomers drop their defenses.
Projections We have left the office and jumped headlong into a smash of colors.
Scenery Found photos. The angles of the city.
Scenes A little girl tortures her brother across a kitchen floor... A mad scientist won't stop for bleeding... Two well-dressed girls bathe in washing machines... Future people have a sit-down dinner... A beautiful punk caught in a net...
Still Lifes Water falling down a canvas becomes a thumping snake.
beauty & health
Instruction Lensflare's effects secrets including camera equipment, film, and software.
Improvements Now that Lensflare has charmed the world, what's next? Easier navigation, better image titles...
My Friends and Models Young hooligans tearing up Columbia. Bonus feature- Which friends Lensflare has been arrested with?
Personal Info Do not look behind the curtain.
Email me Feed me, Seymour. Feed me all night long.
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Celesta a song I wrote (1.3megs)

Best A daydream of photos. This season color is in.
Black and white A careful collection of black and white photos.
Bands Electronic hustlers take a break in a demolished building.
Computer Far-reaching digital techniques birth images directly from the computer. Older technologies shape the photos of our time.
Figure The body as an inspiration as a straining, shadowy beast.
Humor Say it with fish! An adventure with a bidet& More.
New A scared woman runs through a fountain...A young boy and his dog and a knife...